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100% Pure Organic Shea from Ghana 3 Kilos

100% Pure Organic Shea from Ghana 3 Kilos

Pure unscented Shea butter choose from 4, 8, 12 or 16 oz tins. Our butters come from a village just outside of Tamale, in the Northern Region of Ghana, and get this...It's where Dr. Barry & his wife lived as volunteers in the United States Peace Corps many years ago! 

Totally Organic, unrefined and rich with freshness, our butters have gone through quality control clearance by the Ghanaian authorities as well as U.S. Customs before reaching us.

You are TRULY getting "real" African Shea Butter when you purchase here. To avoid possible BPA leakage, we use Tins, not plastic for our Shea's in this group. #Indulge