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Our Philosophy


Quite Simply put...

Mother Nature does not need our help, She only needs our respect and adoration~ Bella La'Ray

Organic, high quality ingredients, should result in natural high-performing products~ Dr. Barry, MD

At Dr. Barry's Apothecary, we believe in using our knowledge of chemistry, botany and common sense to create products that our patients, our friends and family members can use to improve the overall quality of their appearance, and to reduce the amount of artificial ingredients used in our daily personal care.

We believe in the power of diet, exercise and consistent attention to our bodies to foster effective, anti-aging, wellness campaigns. Shop Dr. Barry's Apothecary for a variety of skin care, hair care, mind care & foot care items.


We also hope to bring you Dr. Barry's Well Water from one of the many natural springs located at the Doctor's private residence very soon. Sign Up to receive a quarterly-product catalogue with more information about these exciting products.

Dr. Barry's Apothecary is an online gift boutique operated by RCV. Founded in 1999, RCV is a 501c(3) nonprofit charity registered in the State of Alabama. Proceeds of this site help to offset RCV program costs, and specifically the FHP Farm Program. Visit to learn more about the organization and the people that are served.

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