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Doing What We Love

A wise man once said, do the things that you LOVE and you will never have to work another day in your life! 

We believe this strongly, which is why we spend weekends and free time crafting rich, nourishing products like soaps, body moisturizers, tooth care and soaking minerals for our customers, and our family members.  

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The Family Story

Dr. Barry Nicholson MD is a board-certified medical doctor, born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, who has dedicated his life to serving others. His journey has taken him across borders and continents, leaving a positive impact on global healthcare.

Dr. Barry has had the pleasure of studying and practicing medicine in unique and exotic places like northern Ghana, West Africa, on the Virgin Island of St. Croix, in rural Alabama’s Black Belt counties, and in beautiful Fairbanks, Alaska.

Service and Education

  • Service: Dr. Nicholson has served in the United States Peace Corps and was stationed in West Africa and with the Ghana Ministry of Health, contributing to healthcare initiatives and improving lives. A graduate of Tulane Medical School, The Pennsylvania State University—and

  • Central Connecticut State University—Dr Nicholson has a solid formal medical education.


  • Dr. Barry completed a residency program through the University of Alabama’s Rural Health Program. His dedication to rural healthcare underscores his passion for making a difference in underserved communities. In the past, he has partnered with ELAM, the (Escuela de Latino Americana Medicina) Medical School, in Havana, Cuba, and along with his wife and family has hosted multiple student internships and international exchange stays.


Personal Life

In 1995, Dr. Nicholson jumped the broom (an African-American Tradition) with Miss Trina (MissTrnia109 on Instagram) whom he met when they both were students at Penn State University. Together they had three wonderful children (affectionately called: Fulani, Sugar, and Nina). Their shared journey has been one of love, family, and community support.


Dr.  Barry and Trina own and operate the largest House-Call visiting doctor service along Alabama's Gulf Coast. They are also farmers and homesteaders, they love to fish and raise cows, goats, hens, and bees. They both enjoy reading, exercising, traveling, and eating.

Dr Barry has a comic book collection that spans a period of almost 50 years. When he’s got time to watch sports, his favorite team, The Pittsburgh Steelers is his number one choice. As for Miss Trina, her team will forever be the Aliquippa Fighting Quips.

Currently, the Nicholsons are in the process of rescuing a 20-acre farm on the JP & Lucy Brooks Estate (An 80-acre trac formerly owned by Dr. Barry’s paternal great-grandparents.)


Sugar Creek Farms is a 10-acre labor of love. Upon completion it will feature a retreat and primitive campsite. Guests will be able to make reservations and visit to reconnect with nature, feed the animals, star-gaze, and attend healing retreats. All amenities will cater to families that are dealing with grief and trauma.


Along with his family, Dr. Barry uses goat’s milk, herbs, flower petals, and other botanicals to handcraft, all-natural bath and body products such as those that are sold on this site.


Dr. Barry has served on the Board of Directors, or in different capacities, for Remembering the Children in the Village (RCV) a nonprofit organization founded by wife Trina in 1999. You can visit and learn how you can shop the RCV Farmer’s Market to sponsor items (like chickens and fences) for the infrastructure and growth of the Farm.


Dr. Nicholson’s story is one of compassion, knowledge, and service—a beacon of hope for those he touches through his medical expertise and caring heart.


The Nicholson’s life purpose is to help others improve the quality of their life, and we are so excited to share some of our wonderful soaps, body butters, serums, mineral salts and such with you all!


We can give custom consults for products to address your specific needs. Click on "Let's Chat" in the bottom right corner, or give us a call. We'd love to hear from you.


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